You have an impact on the world

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Sometimes, I like to think about my place in the world. It's a funny road to try finding your purpose, but it can also be overwhelming sometimes. Anyway, a big question that I asked myself in these moments is Do I really have an impact ?. When you think about it, it's not obvious that the things you do are really affecting the world around you. Like, in a meaningful way. And I talked with a bunch of person that are completly sure that their impact are minimal, or even null. I think it's a really intersting and important topic to talk about, so let's dive into my opinion on it :)

Other people impact on you

Let's take this question from the other side. Think about people that inspired you, the ones that had or still have a strong impact on your life. Do you think these people know about it ? Do you think they are really aware of how much they influenced your life ? I think the answer is most of the time no. You don't realize directly that you have an impact on someone. And I think that it's because it's not always a direct impact. Human mind is really complexe (most people aggree on that, don't they ?). Thus you can have an impact on a mind in many many different ways, and sometimes, even if it changes just a little bit one factor of the thinking process, it can change everything. And if it changes one little thing for someone, it can changes everything for the whole world

Exponential impact

Let's take an example. Imagine you're talking with someone about your opinions (the subject doesn't really matter). Even if this person does not aggree with you, seeing this subject through your eyes will greatly change their own way to think about it ! I think it's super powerfull to express your opinion to someone. It may completly change their inner world about this subject. And if this person world is influenced, it'll influence every person that will be in a conversation with them. And that makes your impact exeponential ! Modify the mind of one person and you'll modify the mind of the world around this person, and the mind of people around them, etc. Your opinion spread through other's. You've put a little bit of your paint on the mind-canvas of one person, and everytime this person show this canvas to the world, your paint will spread a little bit. Maybe it'll mix and change a little bit every time it's transfered. Still, without you, it wouldn't have spread at all. You're the root of this exponential tree.

Conclusion : mean what you say and say what you mean

If you're convinced that you've an impact, it's wonderful ! But it comes with its conter part. You're responsible for what you say. Liberty of expression is in my opnion, one of the wonderfullest (does this word exists ?) humanity creation. But it does not mean that you should say everything without considering your impact. Your color will spread. Make sure that you'll not spread a color that you do not like. And if it happens, make sure to correct it by telling people your new opinion. It may seems pointless, but it's really important. You're responsible for what you tell people, and that's both a wonder and a nightmare. Use it well.

PS : This article is talking about a complexe topic. It might evolve in the future, as my opnion will also change. To fit what I'm saying in the last chapter of this article, I'll of course modify it to let it be aligned with my current opinion. If you feel like I'm telling things that are not true, or if you just want to give me your opinion about this article, feel free to email me at See you soon :)