Passive Relationship With Stuff

Let's try a little experiment. If I steal you something in your home, randomly choosen among all the things you own, and if you're not aware about it, how long do you think it will took you to find out ? Do you really posses majority of things that you would truly miss ?

I asked myself this question the other night and, after looking all around me, I realized that it would take me month to realize, if I do one day ! I have mostly what I call a "passive relationship" with my stuff. They are here, I'm here, but we do not interact. We just cohabit passivly with barely no interaction.

I think it's a feeling like this that motivate minimalist people. Having just enough to miss every thing that you would take away.

Minimalist is making a choice : simplicity over redundancy. Let's see what does it imply

Make a cup of coffee for everybody

flowchart LR A[Choose your cute pokemon cup] & B[Choose your fancy transparent cup 2] & C[Choose to drink from your bare hands] --> D[Choose the french press] & E[Choose your regular coffee maker] --> F[Drink your coffee]

You can remove a bunch of arrow and still being able to drink your coffee.
But you have to choose everytime

Make a cup of coffee for a minimalist

flowchart LR A[Choose this special cup that you love] --> D[Choose the french press that you have since 15 years] --> F[Drink your coffee]

You can't remove an arrow, so if you break your cup, no coffee.
But you don't have to make any choice

PS : this article is just my reflexion about a subject that interest me. There is nothing in this article that should be taken as a thruth. This is just plain interpretation of something and my way to see it :)